Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sally Hansen : 677 Shoot The Moon

How long has it been?

... No wait, don't answer that - it'll only make me more ashamed to have left so long.
Anyway, I've been quite busy with life lately, so this is only a quick post on a pretty polish!

Unfortunately, I can't give you guys a price on this gorgeous polish - my friend gave it to me as a part of my birthday gift, and since my school doesn't allow nail polish, I've had to wait this long to actually try it out!

It's a very gorgeous shade of shimmering silver, and the light does wonderful things for it! I love how it's so pigmented! The brush isn't the usual long, slim strands - it's one of those stubby short ones, but it works a treat along your nail and prevents the extremely sloppy edges that a lot of people have problems with!

This is definitely a gorgeous shade to look out for; I used a light grey base underneath as well, to make the shimmer more definite!

What nail shade are you loving right now? xx

Thursday, May 9, 2013

REVIEW: The Body Shop's Facial Brush

Hey there! I promise I'll post more now; school has been weighing me down a lot. -.-

ANYWAY, with the hopes of being able to cure my blooming breakout, I purchased this facial brush from The Body Shop.

^"Get the glow going"? If you mean pimples and horrible irritated spots, then sure, you could say that.

And I was extremely disappointed and mortified at my skin afterwards.
My face wash had run out and I was using a pore cleanser only a few days before to at least clean my face, as well as a dab of rubbing alcohol as my skin had seriously started acting up due to late nights.

Running my fingers over the bristles, it's fairly soft. But on my face, it felt like the strands were scratching and scraping my skin - it felt horrible and was very rough, even when used softly. Being all for something new though, I brushed as softly as I could and "cleaned" my nose.

But the next morning, after my face being abused from using this appliance, I woke up to probably the most horrible breakout I've ever suffered. I don't usually have any problems with acne or break-outs so I know that something triggered the reaction.

For me, I was disgusted and mortified, because along my nose, there were all these crappy little pimples popping up - like a bajillion of them! And still, there are these red spots along my nose; I really hate it.

So I absolutely do not recommend this product - it's my monthly downfall. Cause these things are daily in my life - downfalls, that is... -.-

1/5  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm so fly

| Red Cardigan, Temt | Shirt, Esprit | Jeans, General Pants Co. | Boots, Doc Martens | Bag, Oroton |

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Also, GFC is shutting down on the 1st of July, I think that's the date.
I've decided to use bloglovin now, so go follow me there! :)

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I wore this out the other day to an Easter, Stations of the Cross service. The majority of people were dressed casual and warm because of the chilly weather, so I fit right in; jeans and boots were snug. I'm trying to immerse myself in some more casual/"throw-on" fashion. I think it works better for me, since I don't actually like fretting over small outfit details and whatnot.

I'm gonna buy a new pair of boots, too.